What May Be Up And Coming On This Blog. Maybe.

Hey guys; I know I haven’t written anything in a while, but, hey, it’s not like I have loyal followers!  Just you losers… people who know me and view my blog out of pity or because I told them to, and people who accidentally ended up here.  Anyway, I have an idea for actually making people care about me as a writer, and I want to see what you guys think.

Basically, it would be like a TV series, but with blog posts.  Yeah, I know I’m not even close to being the first one to think of it, but shut up.  I’d write little episodes, engaging my little characters in little plots, and hopefully people will check back to see the next episode.  Maybe people will be even… anxious for the next one!  Oh no, now I’ve jinxed it.  Regardless, it may be fun.

My only real idea so far is centred around one of my other interests… psychology!  I see that some of you seem sort of bored by the word.  Let’s put it this way… it’s a lot like a high school drama, but everybody is diagnosable crazy.  The story takes place in a cross between a research lab and a mental institution.  Some scientists decided they want to study mental disorders in a different environment, so they try to get a case for every mental illness and put them all together, to see how they interact, and to get them all in the same place for observation.  Yeah, it’s a little shaky, but maybe I’ll make it work.  The backbone of the story, of course, is the characters themselves, and their insecurities and relationships.  To name a few:

A “Barbie” girl who can’t stand being blonde, stupid, and mocked, and has developed some real self-esteem issues regarding it.

A man who thinks he’s a knight from the middle ages.

A “figment of the imagination” who refuses to believe that he’s no more than such.  (Multiple personality disorder.)

A man struck with Kuru, a disease caused by… cannibalism!  ( And yes, I know it’s not technically a mental disorder, but still.)

So, I just want to know if there’s any support out there for this, or even any requests for specific characters or disorders.  This would be the time.

One thought on “What May Be Up And Coming On This Blog. Maybe.

  1. Joanne Brown says:

    I am in!!! For some reason, it is easier to get to my computer and read my emails, Facebook and your blog!–then to read the skadoodles of books and papers that collect dust in my bedroom…
    (How about that mental disorder where people eat really strange things: toilet paper, etc.)
    Looking forward to your creativity/humour/etc, etc. etc.!

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