Alas! Censorship Has Already Reared Its Ugly Head On This Blog!

So, you may have noticed a change to a previous post.  That one regarding novels, and whether people should be forced to read them.  I was approached by a nice lady who goes to my church who is very supportive of my writing “career”.  You may have noticed her comments.  Anyway, she wanted to show my blog to her students, as she is a teacher, and offered the idea that they could be the audience keeping up with my little series idea.  This excited me!  Cuz, come on, I’m not gonna fake it and play hard to get, I need readers, and the idea of having an audience… thrilling!  (By the way, HEY GUYS!  I appreciate you!)

However, she felt uncomfortable showing a bunch of kids at her Christian school that lovely image I included.  You know… the one with the boobs and the blood.  So… this brings up a one word debate.  Ready?  Censorship.

Now, honestly, if I had my way, I’d have kept the image.  Why?  It got my point across perfectly.  That was a BAD book.  Some serious sexual sadism going on.  The ultimate example of a book that your parents and teachers DON’T want you to read.  And I don’t either.  If I owned a library, I would not order that book, even it was requested.  Heck, if I had any authority at all, I might request that the book be taken out of a different library.  Essentially, I’d censure the reading of the book, but not the mentioning of it.  It’s all about. intent.  I did not post that picture to tantalize anybody, nay, I wanted to repulse them.  But anybody who reads that material enjoys it, and is most likely rather mentally disturbed, and I do not support that.  So, people should not enjoy it or even participate in it, but they certainly should be aware of it.  I refuse to shelter anyone; that can screw people up nearly as much as overexposure.  As well, the idea that I got rid of it because I was asked to.  She was very nice about it of course, logical, and she listened to my opinion, but she was fairly insistent that she couldn’t recommend it to her kids as-is.  So I changed it.  I need the audience, I do.  And I certainly don’t want to cut pieces of my audience off, alienate them, especially the Christian community, which I’m actually part of.  But what if that were to pervade to other aspects of my writing?  Do I want to be some people-pleasing, offending-nobody, walking on eggshells of political correctness “author”?  I certainly do not.  And my “non-easily offended” audience, (and yes, most Christians are in the “easily offended” group.  Can’t deny it) would certainly appreciate that I don’t.

So here I am.  Until I have a wider audience to support me, I guess I’ll have to adhere to the content standards of my few potential readers.

P.S.  This is one of those posts that works really well with comments.  Bonus points if your teacher directed you here.  🙂